moral_mindChapter 1 Introduction
A study of the moral mind

Chapter 2 Setting the Scene

2-1 The denial of moral values
Logical positivism and emotivism
Moral relativism
The argument from queerness

2-2 Perspectives on the moral sense
Feelings and reason
Principles versus consequences
The role of altruism
The role of religion
The will of God
Religion and morality
Religion and a secular moral code
Human rights
Our animal ancestry
Natural selection
The tyranny of evolutionary correctness

2-3 Morality means choice
Good versus good
Can we really choose?
Choice and selfishness

Chapter 3 Manifestations of Morality

3-1 The morality of instinct: our animal ancestry
Family first
Caring for other young and vulnerable animals
Cooperation and reciprocal altruism
The economy
Retaliation versus conflict avoidance
The ten commandments
Respect for life
Respect for marriage
Respect for property
Respect for the truth
It’s not fair
Conclusion: good behaviour, bad behaviour and the moral
sense in an evolutionary perspective

3-2 The morality of custom: to conform or to challenge
To conform…
…or to challenge
Sexual morality and marriage systems

3-3 The morality of beyond: reaching out
The New Testament
Forgiving others
Caring concern for all
Judging others
Other moral sentiments
The cruel creator?
How we treat other species
Preserving the planet
Personal integrity

Chapter 4 Towards a New Consensus

4-1 Trying to account for the moral mind
Is the moral sense inevitable?
Summing up

4-2 Some conclusions
The moral dilemma
Moral authority
Towards a new morality of consensus
Looking outwards…
…and to the future

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